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Why Breaking Addiction Takes More than Willpower

Why Breaking Addiction Takes More than Willpower

Users must desire sobriety before they can overcome addiction

Past societies viewed addicts and alcoholics as weak. Furthermore, because these individuals could not overcome their dependency, many assumed they lacked moral character and willpower. However, views on addiction have gradually evolved, so the medical community now recognizes addiction as an illness of both the mind and body. Addiction is a disease, so most addicts need professional treatment to recover. Seek help to address drug abuse.

Why Is Willpower Not Enough to Conquer Addiction?

If you have trouble quitting drug abuse, it is not because others have more willpower than you, but because you may not be ready to change. Willpower is not enough to conquer addiction for the following reasons:

  • Cravings
  • Treatment for the whole person
  • Trouble identifying issues

Although willpower is one of the many traits people need to conquer addiction, but alone it is not enough. During the initial stage of addiction recovery, an addict’s body will crave her drug of choice, and it will continue doing so until the craving is satisfied. Secondly, willpower may initiate the recovery process, but a relapse is likely to occur if the addict does not receive treatment for his whole body. Lastly, without identifying the reasons one uses drugs, then it is likely she will continue to do so. Identifying the reasons behind drug abuse can help one overcome these issues and understand what to guard against.

What Does an Addict Need to Address Addiction?

Addiction drastically alters one’s thoughts and changes his goals. Addicts need the following traits to overcome addiction:

  • Determination
  • Desire
  • Self-reliance

The determination to achieve and maintain sobriety is a tremendous attribute that one needs to succeed during addiction recovery. Determination can help one look past temptations and overcome obstacles, and these skills make relapse less likely. Next, users must desire sobriety before they can overcome addiction. Without the desire to be successful, one will easily give in to temptation, meaning drug abuse will continue. Lastly, self-reliance is extremely important. To overcome addiction, addicts must rely on themselves to overcome these issues and to hold themselves responsible for their actions.

Drug Addiction Treatment

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