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The Dangers of Abusing Multiple Depressants

The Dangers of Abusing Multiple Depressants

Overdose is possible when abusing multiple depressants

Depressants are drugs that slow down brain activity to induce a calm and relaxed feeling. Several conditions, such as anxiety or insomnia, can benefit from the proper use of a CNS depressant, but abusing these drugs can cause severe damage.

Common depressants include alcohol, benzodiapines (Xanax, Valium, Ativan and Klonopin) opiates (Vicodin, OxyContin and codeine) and barbiturates. Many medical conditions may require a person to use a depressant, but the long-term use of depressants is typically discouraged. Furthermore, using multiple depressants simultaneously is dangerous. While these drugs can improve certain ailments or issues, their benefits are vastly outweighed by their risks when they are used at the same time.

Depressants slow down brain activity, meaning they slow down the body’s ability to function. When large amounts of a central nervous system depressant are taken, a person’s brain function is significantly impaired. Simple, instinctual tasks, such as breathing, talking and pumping blood, can suffer. A person can easily overdose on depressants when two or more drugs are being used, and an overdose can cause major bodily functions to slow down or even shutdown completely. Depressant overdose can cause heart failure, respiratory depression and death.

There are instances in which it is okay to use multiple depressants, but every person reacts differently to different drugs, so the key to using depressants safely is to research the drugs on your own, and to discuss your issues and medications with a healthcare provider.

Whenever someone starts taking a new medication, she should compare it with the risks of the other drugs she is already using. Doctors typically like to have a list of any and all drugs a person is using, whether the drugs are prescription, over-the-counter or illicit substances. In some cases, foods or vitamins can interact poorly with medications, so knowing the risks of taking multiple drugs at once should prompt individuals to be proactive at taking drugs safely.

Furthermore, if people discusses their use of multiple drugs with their doctors, they can establish a schedule for use, and learn about early signs of drug dependence, addiction and other risks.

Abusing multiple depressants is certainly dangerous, as individuals may take large or dangerous quantities to feel certain effects. No one knows how his body will respond to any drug, but mixing one drug with another makes the situation even more unpredictable. Aside from direct side effects, depressant abuse can also impair coordination, motor skills, judgment, perception and thought-process. These issues can instigate accidents, injury, poor work performance and more.

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