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How Does Narcissism Affect Treatment and Recovery?

How Does Narcissism Affect Treatment and Recovery?

Narcissism Can Affect Treatment and Recovery

Narcissism can have a tremendous affect on an individual’s everyday life. It affects how an individual sees herself and how she interacts with others, making stable and healthy relationships almost impossible. This problem can also encourage drug abuse, and thereby addiction; in rehab, narcissism can also keep people from engaging fully in treatment sessions. But, with professional support people can recover from drug abuse and any psychological condition at the same time.

What Is Narcissism?

Narcissism is often described as a person having a distorted sense of self-importance, an intense preoccupation about himself and having a tremendous lack of empathy for others. Included in the following are some common examples of the signs and symptoms of narcissism:

  • Difficulty maintaining healthy relationships
  • Extreme feelings of jealousy
  • Insatiable appetite for other’s attention

Because individuals who have narcissism worry more about themselves than others, they often have difficulty maintaining healthy relationships. Their relationships often tend to be a roller coaster of emotions and are often short in length because they focus on what the relationship can give them, not what they are giving. These individuals are often jealous of others and of their relationships, so they will go to great lengths to ensure they have others’ attention, even if the behaviors they engage in are undesirable. In other words, this condition makes people need other people’s approval.

How Can Narcissism Affect Addiction Treatment?

Narcissism can affect every activity an individual engages in, including addiction treatment. Included in the following are some examples of how narcissism can affect treatment:

  • Above others in treatment
  • Engage in undesirable activities
  • Try to remain in the limelight

An individual suffering from narcissism may believe she is above the other people that are also enrolled in treatment. This view may encourage her to half-heartedly participate in the activities, because she may think she does not need help as the other people do. Narcissistic individuals may even go above and beyond by seeking everyone’s attention. This would be distracting not only for the addict, but also for others who are trying to concentrate on recovery. Narcissistic individuals may find it difficult to let others be in the limelight, so they will constantly interrupt others to ensure they remain the focus of attention.

Treatment for Narcissistic Drug Addicts

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