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Common Causes of Trauma

Common Causes of TraumaA person can suffer from trauma resulting from a wide range of causes. Moreover, an event that is traumatizing to one person, such as a severe accident, can be dealt with by another person through healthier processing of the event and the emotions it aroused. Age and gender also have an effect on how a person responds to a potentially traumatic experience. A child who loses her vision might adapt more easily than an adult, for instance. A man might have a more difficult time working through his response to a sexual assault than a woman. But none of these examples can be taken as typical, since the effects of trauma vary so widely.

What Are Some Common Causes of Trauma?

  • Perhaps the most widely recognized cause of trauma is the terror of military combat. While some returning veterans are able to re-establish themselves into their civilian lives without tremendous difficulty, others are haunted by the war experience long after they come home.
  • Sexual abuse is another common cause of trauma. It could result from a one-time event such as rape, or could be recurring, as in the case of a minor who is consistently molested.
  • Being the victim of a physical assault could also be a single event, such as a mugging, or could be ongoing, as in the case of a battered spouse or child.
  • The loss of a loved one happens to almost everyone, but in some cases, such as a family tragedy, it could be traumatizing. If the death was sudden or violent, for example, or if several family members were lost at one time, it might be more difficult for the survivors to process their grief in a healthy manner. Survivors’ guilt may also be a factor in such a trauma.
  • A severe accident that causes grave physical injury can also cause trauma. Even if a person was only a witness to such a calamity, or escaped unharmed, trauma can result.
  • Natural disasters also frequently result in trauma disorders. If a typhoon destroys an entire village, there will be some who are able to put their lives back together with a minimum of suffering, and those who are unable to move past their grief.

Trauma Can Be Treated Effectively

No matter what the cause, trauma sufferers can find relief through therapy that teaches coping techniques. An outpatient course of treatment may be enough to put a trauma sufferer back on the road to normal living. Others may benefit more from a residential trauma treatment facility, where they can focus all their energies on dealing with their symptoms in a safe place.