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Women in the Marines with Bulimia

Women in the Marines with BulimiaBulimia has long since been a major eating disorder problem affecting mostly women; however, bulimia is becoming increasingly common among women in the Marines for numerous reasons. For example, the Marines can place a great deal of pressure on women to maintain an acceptable height-weight ratio as well as perform mandatory weigh-ins. Both of these looming pressures can lead to women in the Marines developing bulimia. This eating disorder can be extremely destructive to both the physical and psychological aspects of a Marine’s life.

Physical Impacts of Bulimia

When in the Marines, women are expected to be in tip-top shape, as they are protecting their country on a daily basis, 24/7. Therefore, they must be extremely healthy to engage in combat when necessary and to succeed in doing so. Having bulimia can impact a Marine’s health in the following ways:

  • Weakness of muscles – By keeping their bodies from digesting the proper nourishment, Marines with bulimia can quickly develop weakness of their muscles, leading to the inability to handle weaponry or engage in physical activity when required.
  • Insomnia – Since their bodies are not functioning on a healthy level, Marines who engage in bulimic tendencies are likely to experience lack of sleep.
  • Digestive problems – Bulimia can lead to constipation, diarrhea, and cramping, all which can affect a Marine’s ability to participate in daily routines.

Not getting enough sleep, being unable to handle weaponry, and suffering from digestive problems that impacts her everyday life can cause a woman in the Marines to begin failing at her job.

Psychological Impacts of Bulimia

While the physical side effects of bulimia can greatly effect a woman in the Marines, the psychological impacts can often times be more damaging. They include:

  • Anxiety – Not getting the proper vitamins and minerals that keep the mind and body functioning normally can lead to feelings of overall anxiety, which can make it impossible for a Marine to think rationally in times of combat.
  • Depression – It is common for service women to experience depression while on tour or even at home and because of bulimia’s association with self-esteem, the disorder can be fueled to a point where depression takes over completely.
  • Mood changes – Mood swings between violent actions and extreme euphoria can make fellow Marines uneasy as someone who is bulimic is constantly going up and down with emotions in a job that requires full emotional control.

These psychological effects can cause a woman to have difficulty performing her job requirements as well as potentially threaten the lives of others because of her mental state.

Getting Help for Bulimia

If you are a woman in the Marines, it is important that you seek treatment before the disorder ruins your career and your health. By asking for help, you can get healthy again without facing the potential for a dishonorable discharge from the Marines.

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