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6 Benefits of a Recovery Lifestyle

6 Benefits of a Recovery Lifestyle

Recovery brings a new life and look for a former addict

Depending on how much research a person has done on addiction recovery, he or she will most likely come across the same theme, many times: addiction recovery is all about change. No one can expect to break free from a physical addiction and then continue on with a new sober life if she does not make any changes. Alcoholics are going to have an extremely difficult time staying sober for years to come if they are still hanging out in bars or with other people who spend their time drinking. Change is required by anyone wanting to live a fulfilling and productive life in recovery. Recovery will also bring many expected and unexpected lifestyle changes as a result of getting clean. If addiction were a disease that resulted in little to no harm or adverse consequences, people wouldn’t be very concerned with getting sober, would they? However, addiction is a disease with severe, even life-threatening, consequences. Addiction can threaten every aspect of one’s life, and recovery can bring a whole new world of possibility and experience. The benefits that come with a life in recovery are why people want to get clean in the first place. However, for many, a life without using may seem very difficult or frightening to imagine.

Here are six major benefits of a recovery lifestyle for anyone still questioning whether recovery is worth it or not:

Improved Health

It’s no secret that addiction damages a person’s health and wellbeing, and the very minute a person stops using, her health begins to improve.[1] During treatment, individuals will go through detox where their body works hard to remove all of the drug-induced toxins. Medical professionals providing detox will also work to repair and restore the body’s vitals by providing hydration and proper nutrients. As the body continues to heal, individuals will continually feel better. They will have a strengthened immune system and feel strong enough to exercise and take on both physical and mental tasks required of a productive lifestyle. Aside from good physical and mental health, a person will also look better, and this will improve his confidence and self-esteem. Recovery brings a new life and look for a former addict. When a person is getting the right nutrients, enough sleep, and is no longer filling his body with harmful toxins, he is simply going to look well and healthy. Instead of being under the influence or consumed by using, a person is happy, healthy, and far more appealing.

Peace of Mind

With addiction comes a hijacked brain. Literally, addiction alters the structure and function of a person’s brain, not to mention drugs and alcohol create mind-altering effects. An addict does not have a clear frame of mind. An addict’s life is often filled with chaos, skewed perception, and confusion. Making decisions as an addict can be difficult and chaotic. For people still trying to function in the midst of addiction, a fuzzy state of mind is debilitating and frustrating. Individuals in recovery benefit from a clear and peaceful state of mind. They can focus on things other than using, and actually make informed decisions. They can have order and structure, knowing that their best interest is truly in their own hands. The constant ups and downs that addicts experience while using are no longer going to influence them and they can plan their future and set their mind to achieving anything they wish.

Financial Stability

While everyone’s financial situation is different, addicts often experience financial chaos or disarray. Money spent on drugs and alcohol adds up quickly. In serious instances, people can lose a job, health insurance coverage, and face fines and legal fees if caught using. No matter the situation, a person who is not spending all of her thoughts, energy, and money on addiction is going to be in a far better, and more stable financial state in recovery.

Increased Confidence

It doesn’t matter if a person is an introvert or extrovert, self-confidence is a foundation for personal success and fulfillment. A person has to believe in himself and that he is worthy of happiness and if he wants to ever find it. In so many cases, addiction stems from and results in feelings of inadequacy, shame, and low self-esteem. A life in recovery is going to give a person a whole new outlook. As individuals go through recovery one day at a time, they are instilling a new sense of confidence in every decision they make. By slowly regaining control, former addicts will begin to feel like they can accomplish and achieve their goals. Self-confidence is incredibly powerful and such a rewarding feeling.

Healthy Relationships

Prior to recovery, addicts clung to relationships that were focused on and supported their addiction. In recovery, addicts can get back real friendships and healthy relationships with trust, joy, and sincerity. Furthermore, new relationships can be formed that would have never worked with addiction. When people are involved in other activities and hobbies they will have the pleasure of meeting and bonding with so many new people.[2]

Authentic Experience

As simple as it may sound recovery offers a true opportunity to experience life. People are aware of the emotions and feelings they experience rather than living in the darkness of addiction. Conversations can bring true connection and enlightenment. Accomplished goals can bring motivation and pure joy. Life can once more be fun and inspiring.

The changes that a recovery lifestyle will bring are not always immediate, but some are. The instant a person takes her first step towards a life in recovery, she is already turning the wheels of positive change.

If you would like to learn more about the possibilities of a life in recovery, you can call our toll-free number, any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are happy to assist you with your questions, concerns, and needed information.


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