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Burglary and Prescription Drug Use

Burglary and Prescription Drug UseOne of the biggest indicators of drug or alcohol addiction is when individuals begin using illicit or harmful means to obtain their substance. Unfortunately, addicts may use means that are damaging to the lives of others, such as burglary and theft. Burglary is the intentional trespassing on another person’s property to commit a crime. In most cases, theft is the motivation for burglary. In some cases, drug addicts break into houses and cars to obtain their target drug directly. In most cases, though, they trespass to steal valuable objects that can then be sold for cash, which is used to acquire drugs.

Theft of Prescription Drugs

Desperate to feed their cravings for prescription medications, some people become involved in burglary to obtain the drugs directly. Car and home burglaries are the most common. Large parking lots and parking garages are a prime area for drug-seeking burglars to inspect the contents of cars. They can look into windows and scope out the contents of the car, looking for prescription medications that have been left out in the cup holder, floorboard, or backseat. When a bottle is spotted, burglars utilize a variety of techniques to get into the car and obtain the drugs, often doing damage to the car in the process.

Another target of prescription drug burglary is people’s homes. Burglars seeking prescription medications may go as far as to become familiar with the hours that certain people are out of their homes and to develop a routine of burglary in these homes. Retirement communities are a common place for this to occur because there is a greater likelihood of prescription drug use by aging adults. Real estate open houses are also targeted by those who want to obtain prescription medications directly. Drug addicts will wait until the real estate agent has become distracted and will find their way to the medicine cabinet to steal prescription drugs.

Theft to Purchase Drugs

More commonly, addicts in search of drugs enter another person’s property not to obtain the drugs directly, but to steal other valuables. This new money is then used to illicitly buy prescription drugs, feeding the addiction. Commonly stolen objects from cars include GPS systems, laptop computers, stereo equipment, cell phones, and tires. These objects can often be sold to pawn shops or individual buyers, providing the money needed to feed another day of drug use.

House burglaries occur for the same reasons. A burglar may enter a person’s home with the intention of stealing jewelry, computers, power tools, or other expensive items. Burglars who take these items often target homes with big windows. This allows burglars to view the items they intend on stealing prior to breaking in. They also target homes that do not indicate the presence of a security system.

Get Help for Prescription Drug Addiction

Abuse of prescription medications can lead to serious health consequences and addiction. If you or someone you know has become addicted to prescription drugs, it is important to seek appropriate treatment. Please call our toll-free number today. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you have about prescription addiction treatment.