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How Self-Awareness Aids Recovery

How Self-Awareness Aids Recovery

Having the knowledge and awareness of your own personality and character is an evolving process

Self-awareness is not an event, but rather a lifelong journey. Having the knowledge and awareness of your own personality and character is an evolving process that many people take years to achieve. There are two components to self-awareness, knowledge and awareness. You may know something about yourself but may not choose, at this time, to bring this knowledge to the forefront of your awareness. Awareness often takes courage because when you choose to be aware of something, you most often have to act upon it.

Self-Awareness: Strengths and Weaknesses

Your character and your personality are actually two different aspects of who you are. Your personality is often that which you display to the outside world, while your character is the intrinsic values and beliefs that you hold as being important to you.

As the term implies, self-awareness requires us to look at all aspects of our character and personality. Every person has areas of strengths and weaknesses and it is important to become knowledgeable about both. Some people may have strong charismatic personalities but may be unwilling to work hard for what they want and instead seek instant gratification. Other people may have a personality that is shy and unassuming but may have a character that is strong and diligent.

Taking a personality inventory of your strengths and weaknesses in both personality and character helps you better understand yourself, your motivations, and your aptitude to succeed in reaching goals.

Self-Awareness in Recovery

Self-awareness is a critical aspect for your recovery. When you first undergo treatment, knowing what types of therapies are going to be most beneficial to you will better facilitate the treatment process. Similarly, knowing what types of therapies are impeding your progress is also valuable information. Most quality addiction treatment programs have a team of professionals who are dedicated to providing you with a customized treatment plan that enhances your opportunities to succeed. By bringing your self-awareness to these discussions, the team is better able to create the most effective plan for you.

Just as self-awareness during the treatment phase is important, it may be even more important in your post-treatment recovery efforts. Making sure that you get the post-treatment support to avoid relapse and maintain your healthy lifestyle is dependant on you being honest with yourself about what works best for you. Trust yourself; if you feel that a particular support group is not meeting your needs, trust your instincts and look for another that might be better suited for you.

Gaining Additional Self-Awareness in Recovery

Another valuable aspect about addiction treatment is that you are afforded several opportunities to learn more about yourself and increase your self-awareness. Through group meetings and individual therapy you engage in discussions and activities that afford you the chance to learn about yourself from a different perspective. By keeping an open mind during these exercises, you may find that you have many wonderful characteristics and personality traits that can help strengthen your recovery.

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