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Succeeding at Your Sober Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions typically revolve around losing weight and becoming financially stable, but addicts may consider sobriety one of their long-term goals. Such resolutions stray far from the stereotypical ones, and they may take more effort to maintain, but they greatly benefit recovery efforts.

What Are Sober Resolutions?

Sober resolutions take continuous commitment and work to reach, because, even after getting clean from drugs, one’s sobriety can be challenged at various times. With that thought in mind, a recovering addict may make any of the following sober resolutions:

  • Seek treatment
  • Reduce use
  • Become healthier

Seeking treatment is a tremendous feat for addicts to consider. Professional care can help addicts through detox, teach them ways to adapt to stress without using drugs and it gives them resources to use when they feel tempted to relapse. However, maybe one’s goal is to use drugs less until he no longer needs to do so. Despite the ultimate goal, addicts who make sober resolutions want healthier lifestyles, which will happen as long as they remain sober. Everyday choices can jeopardize one’s recovery, but staying on course and reaching out to others for help can greatly increase the chances of success.

Why Are Sober Resolutions Important?

Sobriety is one of the toughest choices an addict can make, because it is a difficult solution and an addict may occasionally feel overwhelmed with the temptation to relapse. On the other hand, when tempted to relapse, recovering addicts can remember why they chose sobriety in the first place. In other words, sober resolutions are important for the following reasons:

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Career

Addiction impacts one’s health both mentally and physically. These changes can turn a loved one into a complete stranger, but an addict who commits to sobriety can halt the damage and prevent further issues from jeopardizing her health. Next, relationships can be repaired to help the addict remain on course. Lastly, maybe an individual’s career is at risk, but, by choosing sobriety, she can learn from her mistakes and repair her life.

In short, sober resolutions encourage users to stay clean even when problems come along.

Drug Addiction Treatment

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