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The Value of Honesty in the Midst of Addiction

The Value of Honesty in the Midst of Addiction

Honesty helps addicts determine whether or not they should seek treatment

Drug addicts must often choose to deceive or be honest with others, because the difference may mean continued or ended drug abuse. Some addicts believe they have no choice but to lie, because it keeps them from facing their problems for another day, meaning drug abuse can continue. But eventually the lies an addict tells will be exposed, and by then the drug problem will only be worse. The best thing a drug addict can do for herself and her loved ones is to be honest about substance abuse, because it allows her to have an open conversation with loved ones. Honesty also helps addicts determine whether or not they should seek addiction treatment.

Why Should I Be Honest About My Addiction?

When you are in the middle of an addiction, lying may seem like the logical choice, but it will eventually do more damage than honesty would. Lying may allow you to buy more drugs or alcohol for the time being, and it may also allow you to find a place to stay during a binge, but in the end it only allows your addiction to worsen. Dishonesty will cause your friends and loved ones to doubt you, but telling the truth about your addiction will cause you to face your problems instead of running from them. By confronting your drug problem, your loved ones can be there to help you once they are aware of what you are going through.

I Was Honest About Addiction, Now What?

After coming clean about your addiction, the next step is to find a way to get sober. The best way for you to get clean from drugs is to seek professional addiction treatment. Treatment will provide therapy and a variety of other treatment types to discover the cause of your addiction. It will also give you the tools you need to avoid relapse after treatment ends. Following addiction treatment, you should remain involved in some kind of aftercare program so you can avoid relapse.

Do You Need Help for Your Addiction?

No one can beat addiction on their own, but with professional addiction treatment you will receive the help you need to make a full recovery from drug abuse. Call our toll-free helpline today to learn about the benefits of addiction treatment and to speak with our admissions coordinators. Our staff can find out if your health insurance will cover rehab, and they are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you have about addiction or treatment. Call now to begin recovery as soon as possible.