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3 Things to Know When Looking for a Drug or Alcohol Treatment Program

3 Things to Know When Looking for a Drug or Alcohol Treatment Program

Look for an accredited program with licensed therapists

When looking for an alcohol or drug addiction treatment program, you must remember that every recovering addict’s needs are different. People prioritize budget concerns, privacy and program length differently, so many factors may influence your choice of rehab center for yourself or a loved one. However, while the process of choosing a rehab center may seem difficult, the right treatment program will have a few key facets, regardless of your individual needs. When looking for a drug or alcohol treatment program, consider the following factors of each center:

  • The right treatment program will be an accredited program with licensed professionals – The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration offers a list of certified treatment facilities. Many drug rehab centers claim to provide effective treatment, but not all of them meet the rigorous standards that qualify them to be licensed by the state or by national organizations. There are plenty of accredited programs to choose from, but choosing a reputable treatment program should be the top priority for every recovering addict and his loved ones.
  • Make sure that you agree with the philosophy of the treatment program – Some treatment programs address addiction on a spiritual level rather than physical and psychological levels, which makes some people uncomfortable. Attending a treatment program that emphasizes values you dislike reduces the chances of that center helping you stay sober, which reduces your chances at lifelong recovery. If you prefer holistic over pharmacological recovery methods (or other such preferences), then choose a facility that will meet your needs. If you believe in the treatment program you attend, you are much more likely to leave knowing how to live sober.
  • Choose a program with aftercare resources – Spending weeks to months in a treatment program can feel like beginning a new life, which means you may need help to continue that new life rather than resorting to your old one. The sense of starting over is essential for addiction recovery to thrive, but you must remember that treatment does not end when rehab is over—recovering users need to be surrounded by resources that support sobriety. Attending a treatment program that equips you for the next phase of recovery may mean the difference between a sober life and falling back into addiction.

You can recover from drug addiction if you have the right help, so reach out to professional support as soon as you recognize your need for treatment.

Help for Drug or Alcohol Addiction

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