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What Are Behavioral Health Conditions?

Behavioral health conditions are often characterized as problems directly related to certain patterns. These conditions can improve if the underlying behavior is corrected, but they differ from mental health disorders in that people can overcome this problems by reducing or changing their negative behaviors. For example, mental health disorders like schizophrenia or dementia cannot be overcome by simply tweaking a person’s behavioral patterns, but people can address depression with behavioral of help.

Behavioral health conditions are typically synonymous with mental health disorders, so many people label these issues as one and the same. However, many behavioral health conditions can be overcome with professional care, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Many mental health disorders are also treated with CBT, but they require other forms of treatment or even medication. The following behavioral problems can be overcome by changing behavior:

  • Eating disorders – Anorexia, bulimia and even binge eating are behavioral health conditions that can improve if people change their behavior. An eating disorder is a destructive behavior that can lead to serious health problems, but the condition can improve through behavioral interventions that are implemented during therapy.
  • Substance abuse – While addiction is a brain disease that requires other forms of treatment, substance abuse that does not include addiction is a behavioral condition. By learning to change the behavioral patterns that lead to substance abuse in the first place, then the condition can be overcome before it leads to addiction.
  • Gambling addiction – Compulsive gambling is a behavioral condition that can be reduced by changing one’s behavior. When someone learns to control her impulsive behavior through behavioral therapy, she can overcome her gambling problem.
  • Impulse-control disorders – Compulsive shopping or Internet use are behavioral disorders that can be improved with CBT. CBT can teach people to control their impulses, which will prevent destructive and abnormal behavior.

It is essential to receive professional therapy for these disorders, as many of them can lead to severe problems in other areas of life. Behavioral therapy differs from other forms of therapy in that it intervenes in specific behavioral patterns rather than focusing on thoughts or physical problems that are related to certain disorders.

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