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Trauma Rehab Centers

Holistic Care for Trauma

holistic care for traumaThe principles of holistic medicine may seem relatively modern in the Western world, having only been practiced to any great extent in recent decades. The roots of holistic principles, however, go deep into antiquity in the Eastern world. The holistic emphasis on treating mind, body and spirit as a comprehensive whole has in recent years been found to be an exceptionally good method for treating trauma disorders.

Four Methods of Trauma Treatment

Most approaches to treating trauma fall into one of four categories:

  • Psychiatric. This approach depends largely on counseling in individual or group settings, and may include treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and behavior modification.
  • Medical. The medical approach makes use of a variety of medications to treat different aspects of the trauma disorder. Antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications are most commonly prescribed.
  • Communal. This approach is typified by the various 12-step programs, in which those battling a certain condition find strength by supporting and being responsible to each other.
  • Holistic. The holistic approach combines elements of the other three approaches with techniques derived from Eastern medicine. Meditation, yoga and relaxation techniques help alleviate anxiety, for example. Massage therapy, martial arts and nutritional counseling help strengthen the body, which in turn helps the trauma survivor have more resilience to fight their symptoms.

Is Holistic Care for Trauma Right for You?

The number of residential trauma centers that specialize in holistic treatment has grown exponentially in recent years, which is an excellent sign that the approach is successful. However, it will work best for you if you can approach it with a positive attitude or at least an open mind. In most cases, the clientele at a holistic facility will be self-selected, since those who have no patience for meditation, say, or those who consider such techniques to be outside of their realm of interest are unlikely to give it a try. Those who already have a somewhat spiritual bent are more likely to benefit from holistic techniques.

Is Holistic Trauma Treatment Affordable?

Holistic treatment centers tend to be rather upscale, but there are ways to make residency affordable for most. Trauma rehab insurance is becoming somewhat more common in health insurance packages. Veterans can take advantage of treatment offered by their local VA. Many treatment centers are willing to work with you to set up a payment plan, and may even offer a sliding scale for treatment. If you feel that holistic trauma treatment is the best option for you, please use the toll-free number provided to get more information.