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The Importance of Courage In Life-Long Recovery

The Importance of Courage In Life-Long Recovery

Staying courageous during rehab and recovery will lead to life-long sobriety

Leaving rehab and stepping into recovery can be intimidating. Perhaps you yourself are in this position, or perhaps someone you know is. If you are not, imagine stepping out into the world, freshly separated from your destructive tendency for abuse and addiction. You have fought your own vice and addiction, and have developed a newfound nature. Now it’s up to you to capitalize on this success, and to continue to recover and recuperate in the future.

Every Person in Recovery Has Some Worries

The looming possibility of relapse can be scary and intimidating, especially during times of stress or other difficulty. Many people, like you, face the daunting task of growth and reintegration, right after emerging from a period of weakness and suffering, assisted by rehabilitation. Now you are on your own again. Of course, you don’t want to relapse, and the fear associated with that distinct possibility is palpable. But you are not alone in this position, and it is a normal part of the process.

To feel fearful is normal. Anxiety and helplessness are things that everybody experiences to some extent during our lives. It is, in fact, an unavoidable part of our nature and physiology. Fear and anxiety, however, can be differentially described as either powerful motivators, or crippling hindrances to success. They can cause you to run at full speed, or become paralyzed.

Exactly what is it that makes these emotional responses have such different effects? Well, perhaps it has something to do with courage. Let’s take a moment to reflect on what anxiety and fear are actually meant for, what they should indicate and how to deal with this through the use of a courageous attitude.

Courage does not mean a lack of fear. In fact, courage implies the opposite. To be courageous means to do things despite one’s fear. A truly courageous person experiences all the fear, all the anxiety and all the uncertainty. Without it, they wouldn’t be courageous. The only thing they need to do to truly exhibit courage is to push forward regardless. This is why courage is an invaluable trait on the road to recovery. It allows one to push on, while still remaining cognizant of the possibility for failure. A complete lack of fear and anxiety can even be counteractive to one’s success. Addiction is a scary beast, and a nonchalant attitude regarding the fight against it may prove more detrimental than helpful. In this sense, your fear and your courage support and drive each other.

How to Gain Courage

To gain courage, one has to realize that there is no growth without change, and there is no change without leaving the comfort zone. This inevitably involves facing fearful situations. Take little steps to encourage yourself to step outside of your own box, or to do something that might help you that you would not otherwise do. Embrace a sense of adventure and pride. Let your fears be, and let your anxieties affect you. Feel them, accept them, and integrate them; then push past them. This is the most important step, because this way you are acknowledging your emotions and motivations, while not letting them stop you from achieving success. Cowardice is easy but unrewarding, similar to addiction. Courage is hard but rewarding, like recovery.

Do You Need Advice or Support on Your Road to Recovery?

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