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How to Manage Ongoing Medical Conditions in Rehab

Individuals who are in need of addiction treatment may suffer from ongoing medical conditions in addition to their substance abuse problem. When an addicted individual has other medical problems, he may be unsure of his ability to live at a rehab center, especially if he needs regular medical attention. The addicted individual may be willing to begin the treatment process, but the idea of participating in a time-consuming treatment program while managing another illness may seem overwhelming. Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem. High-quality rehab centers are staffed with well-qualified medical professionals who are often able to collaborate with their patient’s primary care providers. This collaboration takes the stress of managing multiple disorders off of the patient.

Receiving Primary Care During an Addiction Treatment Program

When an individual’s primary care physician is able to collaborate with medical professionals on staff at a rehab center, the patient continues to receive care for his ongoing medical problems while he completes addiction treatment. This collaboration allows the individual to fully focus on recovering from addiction without the stress of coordinating care outside of rehab for other conditions. Another benefit of this scenario is that by being closely involved in the addiction treatment process, the primary care doctor becomes well acquainted with the patient’s history of drug use and is able to offer more insight into the patient’s ongoing conditions.

Mental Health Disorders and Drug Rehab

Individuals who suffer from a mental health disorder in addition to their drug problem should seek integrated treatment, a unique type of rehab that combines traditional addiction treatment practices with psychiatric care. The integrated treatment model approaches the care of addicted individuals with an emphasis on mental health. This approach is based on the fact that mental health disorders and addictions are often related to one another. An individual has a much greater chance of recovering from an addiction if his mental health problems are also treated. Integrated treatment allows patients to manage their mental health while exploring the root cause of their addiction.

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