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Treatment for Sexual Trauma and Substance Abuse

Treatment for Sexual Trauma and Substance AbuseExperiencing sexual trauma at any age can be absolutely devastating. Living with the effects of this kind of personal violation can often lead to the development of emotions that serve as a catalyst for additional problems, such as a substance abuse. Dealing with both of these issues simultaneously is often intimidating for many in this situation; however there are many treatment options available to help guide people through this process.

Sexual Trauma and Substance Abuse Treatment Options

Even though accepting treatment is often the most difficult step for a person with a history of sexual abuse and addiction to take, it is incredibly crucial in the grand scheme of their recovery. Some of the many forms of treatment that address both of these issues can include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy – CBT is often used in many areas of treatment, however for someone with this particular mix of issues, it can serve as a forum to begin addressing and understanding the issues at hand. By working with a therapist, a person can begin using CBT to eliminate negative patterns of thinking, learn how to deal with stress in healthy ways, communicate better with others, address fears, and increase self-esteem. Not only do these benefits help a person process their sexual trauma, but it also provides them with the tools needed to end their substance abuse.
  • EMDR – Because sexual trauma can cause immense emotional damage, the thoughts surrounding the events can often cause a person to use. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a technique where a therapist guides a person’s eyes from one point to another while discussing the trauma itself. This process is designed to help a person struggling with this trauma begin communicating and processing what has occurred in ways that promote recovery. By addressing these issues, a person can quickly lose the need to continue their substance abuse as they are now coping in a healthy manner.

Both cognitive behavioral therapy and EMDR are excellent ways to treat both of these issues, and these forms of treatment can be found in most rehab centers that focus on Dual Diagnosis therapy.

Getting Help

Attempting to continue on in life without addressing traumatic issues such as sexual abuse can create additional problems in a person’s life. As a preventative measure, it is important for those who have experienced this type of trauma to receive the psychological attention they need to avoid developing a substance abuse problem.

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